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A seattle firefighter was recently convicted of a DUI for drunken driving on April 2 2015. According to the court, this was his 4th DUI arrest for drinking under the influence. He was found passed out in his SUV and he may be facing jail time this time around. His blood alcohol level was .176, which is over twice the legal limit. The court now believes he can pose an extreme danger to public safety according to officials.

The City Attorney’s Office has determined that he needs to serve at least a full year in jail as well as pay additional fines, however he will actually only serve a total of 75 days in jail, plus 90 days of home electronic monitoring according to a Seattle dui lawyer. His fines come out to $5,000 and is prohibited from driving without a license and insurance nor can he refuse a breath or blood alcohol test if requested in the future by a police officials.